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      Producing, Filming, Editing | Video Producing & Production - (types) Music, Theme, Event, Business.

      Video & Film Services : | Business videos, short films, theme videos(holidays, birthdays weddings, etc).

      Editing : Film, Video, Audio, Simple Animation Creation.
      Soundtrack Production : Music created or qcquired for use on video or film.
      Live Media Streaming :
      A video streaming service is an online source for film/video content. (TV shows, movies, documentaries, cartoons, anime, and other streaming media) The streaming services provide a platform for individuals, companies, and organizations to produce film/video content and have the content accessible to users.
      Media Archiving
      Media Sharing
      Social Interaction
      Video Conversions | Converting media in to computer readable file. VHS-file, DVD-file, Video camera tapes (various formats)-file. Media file can be placed on pc or on usb drive.
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